I Joined Weight Watchers

Ok, so I joined Weight Watchers this past Friday (August 12) for the….maybe for about the 6th time. I came across some 3 year old posts from Facebook that said I had lost 44 pounds there. I don’t even remember that! But it inspired me to go back. I usually join with Kathy, but she just isn’t ready to do it. You know how that is, you have to be in the right frame of mind. I kind of like it that I went on my own.

Weight Watchers


And I’m down 5 pounds in 5 days! That’s amazing, since I don’t usually lose it that fast since I’ve gotten so “old”. Not even the first week. Plus, I just feel better. Both physically, and mentally/emotionally. Like when you finally do something that has been nagging at your mind for a long time. It’s another kind of a weight off your back. And that’s something that Weight Watchers is looking at now. Non-scale-victories. One weight watcher’s NSV was that she could sit cross-legged for the first time in a long time.


Weight Watchers has totally redone their website. They have a new thing called “Connect”. It’s sort of a social sharing thing, similar to Facebook. You can like and comment on posts. But they have a glitch right now. You can’t comment from a computer, only from mobile. I brought it to their attention and they are supposed to fix it. But even if you can’t comment, there are tons of inspiring pix and words.

A couple of examples: One lady posted a picture of her midriff, which has a big scar that goes from under her belly button to all the way down.  She says she used to be so embarrassed by it, but now she says it shows how strong and resilient her body is. She was hemorrhaging, and came within an hour of death. An emergency operation saved her life. She goes on to say that we should be proud of our physical “defects”, like cellulite, loose skin, scars, etc. LOOSE SKIN! That is something that I dread. The inevitable loose skin that will come with such a huge weight loss, assuming I ever get there. So that gave me a new way to look at it.

Another example: A lady with huge breasts had to have one removed due to cancer, so she was pretty lop-sided. Her prosthesis was really heavy and she didn’t like to wear it. She hid behind ponchos and such. She went to her doctor and said she’d like to have the other one removed, both to even her out, and to reduce her risk of getting it on the other side. He “fat shamed” her. Told her to lose weight, made her cry. She told her friend and the friend told her to go to another doctor! She hadn’t thought of that. Went to another doctor who was very nice and supportive. They removed her other breast. She joined WW (because she wanted to, not because of being shamed into it) and lost 50+ pounds, and now she’s very happy. I have big boobies, too, and if I ever lost them, my silver lining would be that I could finally wear bib overalls without them popping out the sides and looking.. well, not right.

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